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​Create your drink

With our own factory, laboratory and design department we create exclusive private labels for markets all over the world. What’s more - since you purchase everything directly from the manufacturer, this is very affordable!

While in Colombia people swear by natural Aloe Vera drinks with lots of pulp, in America they prefer fruit flavours without any bits at all. In Asia, everyone likes glass bottles, however Europe they prefer small PET bottles. In short, tastes differ.

Tailor made solutions

Tropical World Food offers the ultimate answer for every distributor, retailer, and of course the discerning consumer. Thanks to our flexible production method, we can fully customise our drinks. Everything is possible. As such, Tropical World Food supplies many private-label beverages worldwide.

The advantages of our private labels:

  • Quick return
    The entire production process takes place without the involvement of any external parties. That means no extra costs. As a result, our private labels are affordable, even in relatively small volumes.
  • High quality produce
    Our drinks contain as many natural ingredients as possible. That makes them both tasty and healthy. From plant to finished product, we are constantly striving for perfection.
  • Freedom in flavour
    Pick a flavour, any flavour! In our lab we work with natural ingredients and approved sweeteners, food colourings and flavourings. Combined with the right consistency , you can develop the perfect drink for your particular market(s).
  • Freedom of design
    Design raises visibility, drives conversion, and reinforces messaging. We offer packaging of all kinds and sizes (bottles, cans, plastic, glass). Our design department is more than happy to help you come up with distinctive labels for a complete design profile.
  • Total support
    With our own laboratory, factory, and design and transport departments, you will find everything you need under one roof. Our experienced advisors are ready to help you from A to Z..

Your market, your product, your success!

Would you like to carry a high-quality specialty drink as a strong private label?
Please call +31(0) 297 - 533 833 or send an email to info@effbv.nl for an introduction.