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Proudly presenting our wide range of premium quality drinks
The Tropical® brand stands for the very best in an extensive range of different specialty beverages. Ranging from our bestselling Tropical® Aloe Vera drinks, to Ice teas and coconut drinks, we blend the best fresh natural ingredients and fruit juices into healthy, delicious and refreshing drinks. Explore all the options this brand has to offer – you’ve got to taste them all! 
Enjoy the premium taste experience!

Tropical® Aloe Vera drink – the strength of pure ingredients
Premium Aloe Vera drink with 30% real Aloe Vera juice and pulp, straight from the leaf and never from powder, never from concentrate. We blend the carefully selected natural ingredients for the very best aloin-free, gluten free, lactose free aloe vera drinks. We use natural colours from fruit juice for our delicious fruity varieties and are proud to present our ‘specials’ including ‘superfood’ Aloe Vera Wheatgrass with wheatgrass concentrate, no added sugar and no artificial colours. 

Tropical® Aloe Vera & Green Tea drink
Premium Aloe Vera drink blended with Green Tea of the highest quality, freshly picked and freshly brewed for maximum flavour and health value – not from ‘flavour’ or instant. In this drink we combine all the strengths of our premium aloe vera with the benefits of freshly brewed green tea for a truly enjoyable drink, free from artificial colours

Tropical® Coconut Water & Milk drink
We capture the nutritious, fresh water straight from young green coconuts for the ultimate hydration and refreshing taste. This incredible thirst-quencher is packed with electrolytes and minerals and a little natural cane sugar as a perfect way to keep the energy levels up.

Tropical® Coconut milk drink blends the water and nutritious white flesh from coconuts into a tasty drink full of essential nutrients. It is both lactose and soy-free and can be used as a milk substitute by those with intolerances. Enjoy this drink ice cold and dream of the tropics!

Tropical® Nata de Coco drink
Nata de Coco is the ‘jelly’ made by fermenting coconut water. It is traditionally eaten as a dessert in the Philippines but we love to ‘eat’ the pieces in our drinks – you can see them floating happily in the bottles! So enjoy this delicious, chewy ingredient in the following flavours: Lychee, Strawberry, Mango, and Coconut. Which is your favourite?

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