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Milk & yogurt

The cows in New Zealand do their best to provide the "white gold" for our drinks – milk! All of our beverage categories are extended by delicious product varieties with milk and yogurt. Same high-quality base, different unique taste!

Latte Macchiato; who isn't familiar with this indulgence of fresh coffee and milk? As with regular coffee, we also developed an icy variety: Gourmet Ice Latte Coffee. Other delicious combinations soon followed, and a unique Latte series was created:

  • Gourmet Ice Latte Coffee
  • Gourmet Ice Latte Green Tea
  • Gourmet Ice Latte Black Tea
  • Gourmet Ice Latte Chocolatte

Milk from New Zealand

We make our ice coffees from specially selected coffee beans and ice teas from young tea leaves grown in Taiwan. We also maintain these high standards in the milk we add to them: milk from New Zealand, where the cows still graze outside.

Taste the sensation

The Gourmet Lattes are the perfect combination of real coffee or tea with creamy milk, which are cooling and refreshing. Treat yourself!


Tropical Aloe Vera Yogurt is the refreshing combination of a yogurt drink and Aloe Vera. Perfect as a nourishing breakfast, lunch or as a tasty snack!

Milk & yogurt products