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Fruit juice

Good to know: these are the tastiest fruit juices with no less than 20% natural fruit juice!

  • Tropical Aloe Vera Multifruit contains all the goodness of Aloe Vera and the vitamins of various fresh fruits.
  • THE premium brand for the finest fruit drinks, WOW is available in the following flavours:

- WOW Orange
- WOW Mango
- WOW Guava
- WOW Passion Fruit
- WOW Pineapple
- WOW Tamarind
- WOW Mixed Fruits
- WOW Soursop

Taste them all!

Following its introduction in 2008, WOW first conquered many hot regions such as Africa and the Caribbean. Now these tropical drinks are making people go WOW all around the world. Enjoy them yourself!

Fruit juice products