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Deep Ocean Water

Perfectly pure, salt free

This purest fresh water from melted glaciers is of exceptionally high quality, with a smooth taste and bio available electrolytes. It contains the full spectrum of 30+ naturally occurring trace elements and major minerals essential to life and health in a unique balance for ultimate hydration.

2000 year journey

Thanks to its unique mineral composition and cold temperature, this water is heavier upon melting and sinks to the bottom of the ocean where it remains free of sunlight, life forms and impurities. Then, from 618m deep, and after a 2000 year journey around the globe, we bottle Formosa Deep Ocean directly at the source –from Taiwan; one of the only four places on Earth where this is possible. The only thing we do is remove the salt which in turn concentrates essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium.

Clean, renewable hydration

In contrast to many mineral waters, Formosa Deep Ocean is completely free of heavy metals, man-made pollutants and contamination. Deep Ocean Water is an infinitely renewable resource and is a sustainable resource: Crystal clear water with a crystal clear conscience.

Health benefits

Deep Ocean water is gathering compelling scientific evidence showing its positive effects on endurance and post-exercise recovery times and cardiovascular health. In particular, the therapeutic use of Deep Ocean water in the prevention and treating high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome.

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