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Since 2007, Tropical World Food has been committed to developing, producing and exporting a wide range of tropical drinks around the globe. Our love of healthful, natural aloe vera and other tropical drinks drives who we are and what we do. Every single day.

We manage the total production chain and run large volumes. We produce over 30 million litres of Aloe Vera drinks per year. The result: containers full of production and development expertise, high quality and competitive prices – attributes we gladly share with private label!

Tropical World Food is proud to be part of Engel Foreign Food (EFF); the largest importer and supplier of etnic food products in the Netherlands, with its headquarters near Amsterdam. In 2007, EFF established a joint venture with Ou-Dean Foods Factory in Taiwan. It is here that we produce our premium brands like Tropical and many private labels.

Our core activities:

  • Worldwide export
    The worldwide export of specialty beverages is one of our core competencies and one way in which we work with our partners (distributors) to achieve success in their geographic area.
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  • Manufacturing 5 product lines
    Our factory in Taiwan is one of the most advanced in the country. Most of the Aloe Vera drinks in the world are produced there. We have five production lines for our Aloe Vera and coconut drinks, ice teas/coffees, milk/yogurt drinks and fruit juices. 
    Great Drinks. (ISO 9002, ISO 9901:2000, ISO 22000:2005, GMP, HACCP, BRC)
  • Developing new products Sweet or zingy? With or without pulp? Tastes differ. In our innovative laboratory in Taiwan we are continuously developing new recipes, textures and flavours for drinks as well as custom packaging solutions for successful private labels in every market. Read more on Create your drink.

1,000+ products

At Tropical World Food we manufacture and export our own premium brand beverages and private labels, while at EFF we import popular local food and drink goods from 45 different countries. Our total product range consists of over 1,000 items and we are nowhere near done developing new and exciting refreshments!

In the Netherlands, our products are available in 3,000 supermarkets, convenience stores, petrol stations and grocery stores. Our market share is still on the rise, both locally and in the rest of the world.

Mission possible!

Tropical World Food has a mission: to allow consumers worldwide to enjoy the most delicious tropical beverages.
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