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​From first sip to global success

Ever more people are discovering the power of Aloe Vera as a nutrient. Our enlightenment of its wide-ranging health benefits and great taste came in 2005 when we first tried Aloe Vera juice in Asia. “Wow, we've got to start working with this!” was the resounding response. Innovation and experimentation are in EFF's DNA, and this adventure led us to the creation of our current unique product range. A real dream come true!

Collaboration with Ou-Dean; the largest, most modern and most hygienic ‘speciality’ drinks manufacturer in Taiwan was the perfect partnership to realize this dream. Together, we have developed the highest quality Aloe Vera drinks that have proven to be loved all over the world. Delicious fruit varieties soon followed to satisfy the growing demand. We knew we were on the right path: people want tasty, healthy, good quality drinks! Herein lie the foundations of our Tropical World Food brand, specifically focused on bringing you the most delicious tropical beverages.

From plant to product

As of 2007, the joint venture between parent company EFF and Ou-Dean Foods Factory was official. The world conquest by our Aloe Vera drinks continued unabated. Tropical World Food has the complete production chain in-house, allowing us to offer the highest quality at competitive prices. We now produce more than 30 million litres per year: that’s enough to fill 15 Olympic-sized swimming pools!

Our own lab

In 2008 we built a hyper-modern laboratory in order to be at the cutting edge of flavour and ingredient innovations, and to offer our private label clients the opportunity to develop their own recipes. Over the years, we have expanded our range and developed high-quality private labels geared to clients’ specifications and their consumers’ tastes. Everything should be possible! We're successfully making that a reality, thanks to an eagerness to evolve, flexible operations and investing in continuing improvements.

Other specialty drinks

From 2009 we spread our wings even further: Tropical World Food also started bringing other novel, unique drinks onto the market. First ice coffees and ice teas, then a variety of coconut drinks, fruit juices, milk and yogurt drinks. We are now the proud manufacturer of a wide range of top-quality ‘specialty’ drinks.

Tropical World Food has become the ideal partner for the successful development, production, and export of these specialty drinks. Day in, day out we work tirelessly to fulfil our mission by doing everything that started it all: innovating, experimenting, and discovering new opportunities.