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​Mission Possible

As a dynamic and healthy company, we have an ambitious mission: to enable consumers worldwide to enjoy the most delicious tropical beverages.

To fulfil this mission, we strive to remain the most flexible, complete, and distinctive business partner in specialty juices and beverages. That's why we have control over the entire production process, from plant to product.

We are definitely doing something right: our Aloe Vera drinks are currently sold in more than 50 countries. And our coffee, teas, fruit juices and coconut drinks are enjoyed in many more countries!


Tropical World Food began with the desire to turn Aloe Vera into a high-quality, healthy and affordable thirst-quencher. These will always be our basic principles, no matter which drink we're making. This is expressed in five core values:

  • Innovation
    We are constantly experimenting and innovating. This is how our drinks continue to be on-trend, unique and contemporary.
  • Flexibility
    We also produce many private label beverages. Everything is possible. Your requirements and consumer knowledge together with our product expertise is a recipe for success!
  • Specialty
    As complete production chain specialists with lots of in-house product development expertise, Tropical World Food is your ideal business partner in ‘specialty’ drinks worldwide.
  • Product
    Consistent quality, fresh raw materials and innovative concepts for a fair price. In our lab, we work hard to improve your and our drinks and create new recipes.
  • Collaboration
    Trust is the basis for lasting relationships. As a partner, we offer you all the freedom and support you need to make the drinks a success in your market.

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